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Transfer Partners and Pathways

OPE电子竞技官网 partners with city, state, regional and online universities to provide pathways for students and shares our commitment to transfer student success.   


Students can take many courses at OPE电子竞技官网 that will transfer to universities as college credit.  It is very important students meet with advisors at both schools to ensure these courses apply to the intended program at the University. 

OPE电子竞技官网 also offers articulation agreements and transfer guides.  Articulation agreements are agreements with universities who have committed to accepting the OPE电子竞技官网 associate degree toward their institutions bachelor’s degree.  Transfer guides list courses that satisfy program requirements for various programs at our partner institutions and are based on OPE电子竞技官网 degrees or a set of applicable OPE电子竞技官网 courses.    

Every effort is made to ensure the accuracy of the transfer guides; however, the student should meet regularly with their OPE电子竞技官网 advisor and the University advisor for the most accurate information. 

Select the school you wish to attend and click on the link to see OPE电子竞技官网's transfer agreements.